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Author: Prof Mohammed Ahmad Al-Shamsi


The national research and innovation system is the nation’s wealth generator” – The author

Highlights the decline of the management models in the national research & innovation system in Saudi Arabia.

Due to the petroleum economic revolution in Arabian Gulf Countries in the last 50 years, this region has a unique and peculiar management structure for their national research and innovation system. This book adds a value as a contribution to analyze and discover a unique national R&D system from within, which is unlike any other national system in the West or the East.

The book also propose several practical management solutions to improve and re-organize the research, development, and innovation (RDI) ecosystem. The author emphasize the role of innovation to build nations. In this brief book, the author spent over a decade to develop and shape his opinions regarding the RDI system. These concepts are presented in a readily accessible non-academic style for the reader so that it can appeal to a broad audience rather than a limited group of academics.

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