If you’re an avid reader, chances are you’ve read your fair share of books that simply didn’t resonate with you. That’s not to say that the books were bad, but for whatever reason, you didn’t feel a connection with the characters or the subject matter. But what about those books/themes/stories that you just can’t stand?

With thousands of new books published daily, do you find yourself intentionally avoiding certain themes?  Are there genres that you simply won’t read, and why not?

As a writer, I cannot tell you how valuable reader feedback is. For every generation of writers, there’s been an active and extremely vocal group of hardcore readers. They’ve never shied away from speaking their minds, and writers love you for it.

Now is your chance to tell us (writers) exactly what gets under your craw. Is it the storytelling? Do alpha males make your skin crawl? How do you feel about the damsel-in-distress trope?

Go ahead. Tell us anything and everything that makes you slip your e-readers into a locked drawer or makes you slam a book shut. We can take it. This is no holds barred ‘conversation’. No answer is wrong.

I have a few pet peeves of my own. I’m a stickler for editing. I think that if you’ve taken the time to find the perfect word and turn a memorable phrase, then, I firmly believe you make the extra effort to ensure you’re putting out the best product possible. Now, a few minor errors aren’t a problem in my opinion. No one is perfect. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve invested thousands of dollars into editing or asked your uber talented best friend’s neighbor to help polish your book. All that matters is that you put forth the best effort possible to produce a quality product that you’ll be proud of and your readers will appreciate.

Now, back to the original question – what are your pet peeves as a reader?

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