Rambling Across America by Tommy Ray

Rambling Across America by Tommy Ray

Rambling Across America Kindle Edition

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We all have one shot at life. “Rambling Across America ..” was the true adventure of chasing dreams. The story describes the creation of a self-guided music tour, “Confessions of a Dreamer,” based on a dream occurring from the middle of the night.From the dream, Tommy’s inner voice became louder than the external world. He took a leap of faith to listen to his heart. He resigned his safe, secure position to trust his inner instincts to share Tommy Ray Music to the West Coast.Inspired by Paulo Coelho along with Rolf Potts about following your dreams, listening to your heart, as well as going with the flow. Rambling Across America contains valuable insights, interesting quotes, and a lot of practical information to act as an example to take a chance while never giving up on your dreams.Through personal experience, inspirational quotes, as well as photographs, Tommy invites you to come along the “Confessions of a Dreamer Tour,” to spark your own inner voice to dream big, listen to your heart, along with trusting your instincts. As the last page closes from your reading, you will learn through unwavering faith “today is going to be ridiculously amazing!” Are you ready to leave your mark?

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