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Electrically supercharge your brain with the short and shockingly fun to read ebook that can double you or anyone else’s productivity in 33 easy-to-ready pages.

A master of procrastination shares how to be more productive at work or anywhere. These habits form a system that can easily improve productivity without traditional organization or time management tools. If you want to be getting things done faster, this system has been cut away at, like a sculpture, until reaching a simple and stable system for finishing important tasks faster. Be another person who uses this system to feel good and free up time for more important and enjoyable activities.

What’s inside…
How to break the endless cycle of being behind on work

The cycle going on inside your body every couple hours that everyone who cares about increasing energy should be aware of

The simple solution to use if you’re struggling getting things done

One critical thing people who get ridiculously big results make a point to do

One way people miss brilliant insights that take results to the next level

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