POEMS, LYRICS AND DIVERSE THOUGHTS: Life Experiences in Verse by David Lee Henley

POEMS, LYRICS AND DIVERSE THOUGHTS: Life Experiences in Verse by David Lee Henley

POEMS, LYRICS AND DIVERSE THOUGHTS: Life Experiences in Verse kindle

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By David Lee Henley contains the compilation of virtually a lifetime of writing. It condenses life in all its many situations into easily relatable compositions. Written in a plain English style the author brings animation to life’s most challenging and heartfelt occasions in a way the reader can grasp as a “moment in time” they themselves have lived, or have witnessed in other people’s lives. Showing a sense of understanding not often encountered in the flighty poetry of many, the author has a deep and heartfelt grasp of the inner soul in writing these poems. When reading these poems, there will be an applicable understanding of the feelings expressed.Literally every poem has a story to tell. Whether it be the melody unheard, but felt, from the many song lyrics in the first chapter, which express many stories about life in a myriad of situations, or to the many other topics covered, all conveying their “moment” as all consuming. The reader is put into and becomes one with, the “moment”.There are several categories of poems to give the reader a “change of pace,” as it were. Thus so, allowing for a different subject matter when wanted and the reader can alternate from one subject matter to another seamlessly when a different mood entices them.Using the Table of Content can get readers to a specific area of interest for quick look ups. It is well defined and categorized so anyone can see at a glance what may appeal to them and easily explore and find a certain poem or thought that fits special needs or desires. Every one has a poem in this book that defines or relives an occasion in their lives. So, there is something aimed toward everyone here.The first chapter is where you find all the song lyrics, separated into four categories. The first being the COMEDY lyrics. As levity is always a good start in any situation. In the second category you find SPIRITUAL. These are family based and talking to GOD. The third category being PATRIOTIC have two songs. One about the country and the other about the next terrorist. The fourth and last category being MIXED LOVE AND LOST LOVE THEMES, have many lyrics which the reader will find are heart felt, true life, story themesThe second chapter DIVERSE THOUGHT, contains three categories. POLITICS: Which are in this day, controversial at best. Pick a side. This area contains threestatement poems. Some will hate them, some will love them. But all are thought provoking. The next category, AGING: has two poems meant to be satirical. But some may think it is otherwise. The last category is RANDOM THOUGHTS; Which just like its name, is what they are. Covering different subjectsThe third chapter TRUE LOVE AND DEVOTION; are just what the title implies. These are the “just you and me” scenarios Lots of feel good love expression moments.The fourth chapter LOST LOVE: is as expected, the poems about the sadder side of life. We’ve all been there. And probably, there are more poems here that we have lived through, or seen others go through, than any want to admit.And lastly, the fifth chapter. The author has added his Fathers song lyrics as an acknowledgement and tribute of and to his contribution to the song writing world.If you harbor a certain feeling or desire to read about something your experiencing or have gone through in the past, this book could possibly give you some solace, or may just have the, “put into words”, poem you have been looking for.It is hard to believe you haven’t lived one of these poems sometime in your life.

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