A Guide To Understanding Your Reading Personality

A Guide To Understanding Your Reading Personality

We all know words have power. Anyone who has ever read a book understands just how life-changing a good book can be. But have you ever stopped to consider what the books that line your bookshelves or the books that fill your e-readers say about your personality?

One look at my bookshelf and you’ll find clear evidence of my ever-changing personality. From the sad, tearjerker reads to the wacky and wonderful world of flying creatures and more, I read everything.  Take a look at your bookshelves.

Do you see a trend?

Are there certain themes you gravitate toward?

How do you organize your bookshelves?

Obviously, books are no replacement for a licensed physician. We’re not providing medical advice or deep insight. This is more of taking a cold, hard look at what type of books inspire you. For lovers of the classics, your shelves might be aligned with some of the greatest books ever written according to those in the know.

If a large stack of romance books sit atop your nightstand, then, perhaps you’re a romantic at heart. Or maybe those tomes of high-fantasy books tell the world how evolved and highly creative you are. Whatever the case, peruse through your books and think about why it was you chose that book.

Was it the cover?

Did the image make your heart stop?

Did it match your color scheme?

Nostalgia might play a major role in why you read the books you do. For those of us who grew up on a steady diet of Judy Blume books you might find your bookshelves stocked with enough chick-lit books to supply a library. Or you may have witnessed your parents reading every mystery they could get their hands on, so now your bookshelf is full of some of the best mystery series ever written.

Readers who love a great thrill, might binge-read horror books. There’s nothing wrong with a good scare every once in awhile, is there?

Take some time today to look through your books and think about what your chosen genre says about you and your personality.  Here at Planet eBooks we also like to advise readers to not be afraid of venturing out into new odd and obscure reads. You might be surprised by what you find.

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