Only In Dreams (Stubborn Love Book 2) by Wendy Owens

Only In Dreams (Stubborn Love Book 2) by Wendy Owens

only in dreamsMy tone surprises him. He looks me in my eyes and says, “I guess it’s true. A guy like me only gets the girl in his dreams.”When he walks out the door I turn and collapse into a chair, clutching the tattoo on my wrist. I just might take the chance. Weezer’s “Only In Dreams,” begins to play in my head as if on repeat. I grab the towel on the back of the chair next to me and press it to my face, comforting myself. It’s over, don’t cry for him, it’s finally over. He has to hate you after that. – Only In Dreams

Emmie Hayes’ best friend, Paige has created a life for herself. She’s finally happy, that is until Christian Bennett resurfaces. Suddenly she learns doing the thing that is right for your soul isn’t always the easiest for your heart.


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