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The Earth-Sonali War has ended.
Billions perished in the flames.
But with peace established
New enemies come to light
Ready to plunge the galaxy back into war…

The Terran Union cannot survive another war.
Neither can the Sonali.
The only path we have left is to lick our wounds.
Rebuild. Recharge.
We need to find a way forward.
A way to avoid armed conflict
A way to make sure nothing like that happens again.

Not every race agrees.

Some want war.
They goad us into conflict.
They seek to pit us against one another.
To divide us, so that they may conquer.

It’s been three years since the war.
We’ve learned our lessons.
A new Galactic Council is forming.
An era of cooperation and progress is at hand.

But only if we survive the coming tests.
If we do, we’ll be stronger.
And if we don’t?

Then this road to galactic peace will lead to interstellar war.

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