The Message for the Last Days: Biblical and Historical Understanding of End Times by K.J. Soze

The Message for the Last Days: Biblical and Historical Understanding of End Times by K.J. Soze

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The future is revealed through the past; where history and mystery are intertwined. “The Message for the Last Days” explains the history and progression of end time prophecies found within and outside of the Bible. It reveals the original message compared to changes over time leading to vastly different modern interpretations.“The Message for the Last Days” explains how modern Christian culture has created numerous beliefs about end time events, while determining that there can only be one correct interpretation method based upon the original intent. Extensive research traced back to the foundation of Old Testament Biblical prophecies that carry over into New Testament passages. This trail clearly shows where it all started and where we are going from here in a logical, step by step format. The results are revealed to be vastly different than widely held Christian cultural beliefs today. The answers will be surprising to many as to the extant that modern culture has affected Christianity.Topics include answers to these questions:How can we know what the future holds if we don’t understand the past?Why is the Christian Church so divided with many different denominations and independent Churches? Isn’t there just one true Church?How did the modern Church get so far removed from early Church beliefs as clearly stated in the New Testament and by the early Church fathers?What are the original prophecies in the Old Testament about the end times and how are they repeated in the New Testament?Does the nation of Israel have anything to do with end times?What is the true meaning of the Gospel and salvation?All of these questions are answered by a thorough examination of various interpretation methods used by different belief systems. Incorrect interpretation of the Bible is the core issue behind diverse Church beliefs so understanding the root cause will shed light on why there are so many theories today.“The Message for the Last Days” explains six different Biblical interpretations then reveals a unified interpretative approach.There is no religious association or affiliation with any denomination, Church or other organization to this book. It is the work of independent research outside of any bias within sects.KJ Soze is an independent publisher that provides detailed Biblical research of complex topics. This new book cuts across various Church and denomination lines to find unity and clarity for those who may hold differing beliefs .

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