The Many Sides Guide to Authentic Style by Rita Sheth

The Many Sides Guide to Authentic Style by Rita Sheth

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Rita Sheth has a mission in life – to make you think and dress outside the box, to have fun with fashion, take risks and express yourself …..and all without being given any so-called fashion rules.Her book, The Many Sides Guide to Authentic Style, aims to see you explore and express your authentic style, rather than setting out the dos and donts of what to wear.In three distinct sections, this book will guide you on your journey towards developing your own distinctive style – one that is unique, effortless and authentic.•Unique style – provides tips and ideas on how to develop an individual sense of style and how to slowly push your boundaries by exploring and experimenting with fashion.•Effortless style – provides guidance on how to make sure your style can be adapted to fit in with your busy life and to get you to a point where you can easily put together a wardrobe that makes your life easier.•Authentic style – provides insight and tools on how to get in touch with your true essence and how to make sure you reflect this in your style.This book is no regular style guide. It encourages you to use and develop your own instinct so that you can make style choices now, and for years to come, without being dictated to by passing trends. Like a good friend, it encourages you to take the power into your own hands and feel more confident in your skin, guiding you gently through the process of style transformation.This guide looks at ways you can explore new ideas, expand your imagination and allow fun to play a bigger part in how you dress, whilst also taking into account the versatility, ease and comfort of your wardrobe. It aims to steer you away from listening to everyone else and towards getting in touch with who you really are ….at your core.No stone is left unturned …… it includes information on the hidden meaning behind colours, taking risks in a way that is comfortable for you, creating a unique but versatile ‘capsule’, finding out your elemental energy, creating a signature look ….even as you go through fundamental changes, getting into the mindset of a stylist …….even if you are not one….and much, much more!This really is a unique book, which shows you how to navigate a journey towards your own authentic style and, ultimately, your most authentic self. So get this book now – we promise that it will become your go-to companion whenever you need a fresh look at your personal style!

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