Madam Rhino: Troubled Waters

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Angela is elegant and brilliant, on the surface she has it all, but in reality, her world is complex, but one she would never give up – a secret agent, a grandmother and a superhero. She is elegant, feisty, in her eighties and works hard to keep her crime fighting alter egos from her family. On the outside, she may look like a frail old woman, but on the inside, Angela is a skilled fighter with a brilliant scientific mind and… Madam Rhino powers.

In this second book her family think she is on one of her frequent cruise holidays’, but in reality, she is on a secret mission for the ‘The Bridge Club’.

In this high sea adventure, an unexpected development puts her family in danger. Find out how she juggles to keep her family safe and complete her mission.

Madam Rhino, a no nonsense older superhero, who likes to get the job done without fuss.

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