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Author: Rodney Virgil

Growing up surrounded by chaos and struggles has become normal for Jaquan Miller. Being raised by an single mother, Jaquan never had much of a chance to meet his father, who was murdered 2 years after Jaquan’s birth.

The fact he became another victim to the streets, he discovered that the streets were nothing that he had imagined. Little did he know, the streets had love for no one. It was kill or be killed. Every man for himself.

Greed and power were pumping through each and every victim’s vein, and everyone was determined to be number one.  During his journey, he learned that he couldn’t trust a single soul in the streets but himself.

Friends and foes became rivals, and he had to do all he can to survive and be on top. But when his road comes to an end, death began to lurk in the dark shadows, and he has to do all he can to overcome it.

So tune in to find out where Jaquan’s journey leads to.

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