Life’s Many Curves: A Memoir of the Army, Love and Divorce, and Finding Happiness Along Every Step of Life’s Journey

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A powerful memoir following a young man’s unexpected journey: from a photography career to enlistment in the army, parenthood and toxic relationships, and finding love and happiness at every curve in life’s path


“You’re crazy, you will never make it as a soldier!” exclaimed my brother when I informed him that I joined the U.S. Army. I was 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighing only 117 pounds. Yes, I probably should have listened to him but as you have already read, I was too stubborn. The day quickly came when I went to the railroad station to leave for basic training.


In 1952, Herb Abrams was barely out of high school when he said goodbye to a budding photography career and the typical American teenage life in Miami. The young man knew he could face anything, and he wanted to stay in charge of his own life. As the years unfold in this classic tale of growing up and learning life’s lessons, Abrams shares his ups and downs, showing us how the unexpected happens despite our best efforts at planning and preparation. Is any worthwhile path without its obstacles and struggles? In Life’s Many Curves, Abrams, 84, offers his timeless take on this question and more.

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