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Frank Fischer is a retired Silicon Valley entrepreneur turned winemaker, gambling his tech company wealth on a winery he’s managing right into the ground. There’s just one thing…Frank Fischer is really “Gentleman” Jack Burdette, one of the world’s most infamous jewelry thieves.

Jack’s mentor and fixer pitches him on the biggest job he’s ever seen—a jewelry exhibition in the French Riviera worth eighty million and almost no security. Too good to be true, Jack passes. But when his accountant disappears with ten million dollars, his business, the identity he’s built and his way into civilian life disappear with it. Now, the only chance Jack has to save them is the Carlton Job. The problem is, its no longer available. But with eighty million—and his life—at stake, Jack’s not going to let a little thing like competition get in the way.

If he’s going to succeed, Jack will have to outsmart the FBI, a gang of Serbian jewel thieves, an ex-con with a grudge, the very crew he trained, an Israeli diamond mogul and a fiery winemaker that Jack is probably in love with.

A Legitimate Businessman is based on the actual 2013 Carlton Intercontinental Heist, a crime which remains unsolved. It is a twisting and stylish international crime thriller that will keep you guessing to the last page. Getting it was one thing. Getting away with it…was something else.

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