Leftover Girl by C.C. Bolick

Leftover Girl by C.C. Bolick

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Adopted girl. New town.One last chance to convince the world she’s normal.Jes can’t remember anything before she was found at four, barefoot in the headlights of an old Ford. At fifteen, she has adjusted to moving without notice and never fitting in.When Jes befriends a strange new student, she discovers he’s searching for a missing girl who might be her. A girl who was lost on a snowy night, with family determined to claim her.Leftover Girl starts an exciting new series about a girl’s search for the truth, with sci-fi and paranormal elements. As Jes learns, truth comes at a cost. Will she give up love to find out?Readers’ Favorite 2019 Finalist“Loved this book. I’m not normally into science fiction but this book was hard to put down.” ~ Amazon Customer ★★★★★“The book has a hint of romance,adventure and friendship and I loved it all through. Can’t wait to read the sequel.” ~ Amazon Customer ★★★★★

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