Komplex Sinplicities by Kyran Ravencroft

Komplex Sinplicities by Kyran Ravencroft

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Komplex Sinplicities is a culmination of odds and ends that were organized into a single book.Inside you’ll find three divisions:Section One containing twisted poems (and things like them). From beautiful to hilarious, dark to the absurd, everyone will find something of interest here!Section Two is devoted to the lost sacred scrolls. Each scroll has a list of ridiculous commandments to live by and prophecies to be fulfilled. Read Section Two to find out how to survive the apocalypses that will never happen! We hope….Section Three is the meat on the bone. It consists of short horror stories, funny short stories, short suspense stories, and more! This section is great for the busy reader on the go.Komplex Sinplicities is a MUST HAVE for anyone looking to add a little color and spice to their collection.Grab your copy TODAY and step into the madness!Disclaimer: The nature of the content within this book is horrifically graphic and psychotically hilarious. If you have a weak constitution and/or no sense of humor then please DO NOT read this book!You’ve been warned!

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