Javen: Legacy of the Seers by R. Barrett

Javen: Legacy of the Seers by R. Barrett


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Malcasters now rule Cartenia, through slavery, bloodshed and their ‘curse’. Occasionally, small warrior bands rise against them, letting the Malcasters know they are opposed. But they’re outnumbered. It’s a hopeless situation, and they know it; for in Cartenia justice is a commodity and life, half-price.The Trealingers, Illencers and Seers all have such bands; though the Seers are unique because of their abilities, their secrets, and the fact that at one time they controlled Cartenia. Much diminished due to relentless Malcaster violence, the Seers mostly hide in their last remaining fortress Some, however, scattered among the townships, live undercover and do what they can.To say the Malcasters seek the Seer’s stronghold is obvious; that they’ve spent years looking is a given. But when they finally track down an old woman Seer and her grandson, Javen, they keenly anticipate the culmination of their search and its inevitable conclusion — the Seer’s hidden fortress. But timing is everything, and they’re just a little late. Now, the tracker seeks Javen, and he’s not the only one on the boy’s trail.

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