I’ve Been Here Before by Nbs Malay

I’ve Been Here Before by Nbs Malay

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I am a girl entombed in a body that doesn’t belong to me. I should be dead, yet here I am with the terrifying flashbacks of my brutal murder. I have knowledge on where my body was buried and I am aware of who is responsible for taking my life. I was really a girl and nobody believes me.My sister, Ana, was the only one who ever took the time to hear me out and tried her best to understand. She is missing… Gone, without a trace. She just disappeared into thin air, kinda like water under the sweltering ball of fire in the sky.I have been slapped several times with the most evident feeling that time was running out for her. Not only am I on a mission to avenge my death, but I am also on a mission to save my sister.

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