Insatiable: A Billionaire Romance by Lucy Lambert

Insatiable: A Billionaire Romance by Lucy Lambert

insatiableHis kiss had burned me up on the inside, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it… or him.
I am NOT like those other women!

When Vaughn Ward sets his sights on a woman, she always ends up in his bed – crying out his name that night and cursing it the morning after. The billionaire playboy has an unquenchable thirst for sexual conquests.

Not me, though. I am a professional. But as the youngest member of C&M Advertising firm, it’s my job to get to know our most important client. To get to know exactly what he wants from us… and how I can provide it.

I can resist his charms, his stares, and his flirts. I know his reputation. I won’t be another notch on his bedpost.

But the longer I spend around him, the more he seems determined to take me. Use me. Consume me.

And the more I find out about him, the more I want him too…

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