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Only augmented pilots can cross space. But at what cost?

In 2130, Earth’s ecology is failing fast. Its inhabitants are dying and the governments are hard pressed to contain the disaster. An Alien Federation contacts Earth and offers assistance. We accept their offer to trade among the stars and receive their support. In exchange, they aliens, who prove to be distant cousins, need pilots capable of managing hyperspace jumps and only rare humans have the right genes and capacities to withstand them.

After a careful selection, six are chosen to fly to the far away planet Adheek. There, they will compete with students from other planets to try and learn their new trade.

If they fail, Earth will collapse. If they succeed, it may have a chance. But no one has prepared them to what they will face next.

If you want to recapture that sense of wonder from reading Robert Heinlein’s “Have space suit, will travel” and the tale of adventure and going beyond one’s own limit from L.E. Modesitt Jr, then you won’t want to miss this thought provoking novel.

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