Hot Damn! by Shashane Wallace

Hot Damn! by Shashane Wallace

Hot Damn! Kindle Edition

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It was supposed to be an easy mission for Nick. Target the suspected drug distributor’s ex-girlfriends to find out what they knew. But, the mission wasn’t so easy after all, when he met the sexy and fiery Sasha Marshall. Determined to stay away from this college girl, more than ten years his junior, Nick wasn’t able to leave her alone when one of the items on her bucket list, lands her in trouble. Still not convinced she wasn’t an accomplice in the distribution of the deadly drug across campuses, Nick talked himself into accepting that sleeping with her would get him the answers he sought. When his cover was blown and she resisted him, Nick’s only alternative was throwing her in jail and blackmailing her. But, when he failed to protect her sufficiently while she was in his care, Nick’s anger and alpha personality burst forth, revealing how he truly felt about Sasha. Is it too late for Nick to win her back after deceiving her? Could he forgive himself for blackmailing her and putting her in harm’s way? And as they approached their culprit, would his training and his love for her, be enough to protect her from the danger she would face?

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