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Uncompromising recipes from the age old culinary tradition of Italy. No adaptations, just authentic Italian mouthwatering recipes, traditionally vegan since centuries before the term existed.
Great tasting, healthy and good for the environment. Plus, traditional Sicilian grated Parmesan cheese substitute recipes.
There’s no need to compromise authenticity and taste in order to follow a Vegan diet with these Italian family recipes, they’re time-tested and unaltered: you won’t find tofu, seitan, tempeh or other meat or dairy substitutes here, simply because they weren’t used in traditional Italian cooking.
This is a small collection of those lesser known Italian family recipes which have always been prepared without the use of meat, fish or dairy products, naturally healthy and uncompromisingly vegan, for all to enjoy.
Whether you are Vegan and looking for authentic and unaltered recipe ideas, or just curious about trying unusually delicious and healthy food, you’ll be surprised by how well you can eat without the need of animal products.
Centuries before the term ‘Vegan’ was coined, people throughout Italy had to make the best of those simple ingredients that were available on the farm, from the land they toiled daily. Dairy, meat, fish and eggs were all too often reserved for special occasions.
Pasta, legumes such as chickpeas, beans, fava beans or lentils, fresh seasonal vegetables, olive oil, garden herbs and nuts have been combined and arranged in a number of ways through the centuries, in order to create everyday wonders out of simplicity, with all the renowned health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.
A wide array of traditional Italian dishes have been developed through the ages without the use of animal products and are still popular to this day; dishes that have satisfied the palate of generations, in a land where food has always played a central role.
The reasons for choosing a vegan diet today are driven by ethics and growing health concerns. Experts and researchers have established that a diet with little or no animal fats, high in fibers and vegetable proteins can benefit health in a number of ways, greatly reducing the risk of heart related diseases, diabetes and aging related conditions.
At a time when people all over the world are becoming more aware about their diets, many are making radical choices based on health and ethics, reducing or eliminating animal products, it seems natural to look back at the rich history of Italian culinary tradition, without the need of adapting or compromising and substituting ingredients.
Here are just a few of the time tested recipes that have satisfied generations, simple and in line with the Italian principle that quality food should be messed with as little as possible. They’re enough to give a clear picture of the many delicious dishes developed in Italy through time without the use of animal products, which are today called vegan.

Used as a substitute for grated Parmesan, flavored breadcrumbs are a classic of the cuisine of Sicily and have gained popularity throughout Italy as an uncompromisingly vegan alternative.
Centuries back, before industrialization, most Italian families lived a rural life, working the land and trying to make the best with whatever they were able to grow on it. Meat, fish and dairy products were usually reserved for special occasions or used as an exchange currency. Parmesan and Pecorino Romano cheese were considered delicacies and, as such, appeared rarely on the average dinner table. Ever resourceful Italian cooks of the time resorted to flavored breadcrumbs as a substitute for grated…” Discover, try and enjoy!

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