Good Cop Girl Cop: The Secret Life of a Police Officer: What you always wanted to know about policing but were afraid to ask

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Have you or a loved one always wondered what it is really like to be a cop? Want to know what it takes to be a police officer and what you will face? Would you like to be a little more street smart, think like a cop and stay ahead of the pack?

This action-packed, and eye-opening book will take you on a wild ride and show you the dark side of human nature. You will also learn the 25 life lessons I learned from fifteen years of being a cop, that you can implement into your own life today.

Maybe you are just intrigued by policing, even if you have never wanted to be a cop. This book will tell it like it is; no B.S., no exaggeration, and nothing is off limits. If you or someone you love are still unclear about joining the force, then this book will outline what you can expect.

Good Cop Girl Cop will bust myths and misconceptions about policing, and challenge everything you’ve been told about it. It is not watered down, it is not sugar-coated—just the plain and simple, but shocking truth.

In this book you will discover:
Elements of human nature that will open your eyes and help keep you safe
What it takes to be a cop and how you can start thinking like a cop
Myths, misconceptions and common questions answered
25 Life lessons from law enforcement that you can use in your life today

I guarantee you will learn something, and you will be entertained. If you do nothing else, you can pick up any – one of my 25 life lessons and put it into action right now.

A word of caution, this book is not for the faint of heart, as it does contain coarse language, some sexual content, and graphic tales that may offend some readers. Although this book is pink and targeted at the girls, it is not sweet, nor is it coming from a feminist angle, so it is also an awesome read for the guys.

Don’t become a crime statistic. Stay safe, know what it’s like to be a police officer, understand the criminal world, and learn how to start thinking like a cop today.

**WARNING** – This book contains very coarse language, some sexual content, real life stories and examples of police work, that some people may find offensive or disturbing. It is not intended to be for shock value, but for educational purposes.
Reader discretion is advised.

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