THE GANGSTER'S COUSIN: Growing Up In The Luciano Family Kindle Edition

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A modern-day Huckleberry Finn, young Sal navigates the streets of Harlem, defying the ways of people in power—including the bullies in his neighborhood, the Jesuit Priests who run his school, and his own mafia family culture.

No one gets out of childhood sane, and Sal is no exception. But he does get out of it smart. He wises up to the death trap of the ordinary working world and escapes his job hauling 100-pound cement bags.

From the United States across four separate continents, Sal explores multiple ways to escape the ordinary life, finding himself in unique situations and meeting funny characters along the way. He also experiences the inherent corruption of the US justice system, and discovers the truth about the secret world of outlaw figures like his cousin and namesake, Charles “Lucky” Luciano.
Explore the world through Sal’s unique perspective, and find out why he strives so hard to stay ahead of a different type of criminal class—the people who make the rules.

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