The Flaw by D.M. Rasey

The Flaw by D.M. Rasey

The Flaw Kindle Edition by D.M. Rasey

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Outbreaks of life-threatening infectious diseases are spreading quicker and with more unpredictability than ever. (Press release) C.D.C Atlanta, GA, 2017USA Today announced. In 2018, U.S. deaths from mass-murder and suicide hit the highest level since record-keeping began in 1968As violence starts covering the planet, a brilliant, young, MIT trained scientist needs his friend and mentor’s help to stop a deadly virus he’s created. However, as Lucas and Noah race the clock attempting to prevent 7.5 billion casualties, they quickly realize the virus is not the only thing trying to kill them.I wrote this book to cover the massive amount of homicidal behavior that the human race has adopted throughout the past few years. Now, this is a work of fiction, however, almost every event listed has already taken place in real time. I spent countless hours going over data to ensure accurate and detailed information. Utilizing the FBI, Nat-Geo, the U.S Dept.of Vital Statistics, and the C.D.C (Center for Disease Control) as well as consulting with Senior Virologist John Walsh and his entire staff, helped make my story groundbreaking and unlike any out there.Review: Surprised. (Inkitt)Never heard of this writer before, but he or she seems to know what they’re doing. I have reviewed quite a few novels for the NY Times, and the flaw falls in the category of well written and entertaining. And after all, “isn’t that what reading a good novel is all about, getting lost in the journey?” So, I recommend this book and look forward to DM Rasey’s next one.Review: EXCITING! (Inkitt)The mystery aspect of this story has been a highlight from the beginning. Every chapter gets you more hooked and makes you want to bite your nails. I’m six chapters in, though I have never heard of this author before I see how underrated this story is. Would highly recommend.


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