Festavia by Author Alexander Walter Campbell

Festavia by Author Alexander Walter Campbell

Metaphysical Fantasy book

Author: Alexander Walter Campbell

Like a lot of girls in their final year of University, Katie’s primary concern is parties. However, with weekends blurring into weekdays, Katie’s lifestyle is becoming increasingly dangerous, as her drive to feel alive leads her down increasingly darker paths. Not heeding the warnings of the people around her and all too easily being persuaded into constantly going out of her comfort zone, the student becomes the latest victim of a fatal drug overdose, tragically in her favourite nightclub.

However, to her surprise she finds herself trapped between worlds, perpetually stuck in a form of spiritual limbo. Thrown into the familiar-yet-utterly-surreal land of Festavia, Katie is guided by her spiritual protector, Wraith, as she embraces this land of eternal partying. Seemingly lucky that she now gets to do what she loved in life in death, entirely consequence-free, she quickly realises that the paradise is under threat by the Bureaucrats, who want to manipulate its purity and enslave it into the land of work.

Given a quest of venturing through the wild fantasy world of Festavia in search of the festival organiser, the only person with the power to stop the impending threats of the Bureaucrats, Katie must discover the inner potential she was previously wasting, as well as face the ultimate dilemma: stay in the never-ending palace of Festavia or return to her responsibilities on Earth.

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