Driving For Better by Scott Webb

Driving For Better by Scott Webb

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The world of adults has done a great disservice to the 15-year-olds learning to drive, presenting “driving on the roads” as if it’s something CIVILIZED. It ain’t. Deep down we all know it’s an absolute free-for-all out there. Admit it: The lower levels of driving abilities range from prehistoric to unconscious to chronically-medicated to perfectly blind. Since the ignoramus-class out there now driving refuse to self-improve, we, the smarter and slightly more awake, must take things into our own hands and learn how to avoid THEM. Is it time that somebody who knows, explained the secrets and strategies for how not to become a statistic? It’s not just from random dumb luck that many drivers avoid ALL accidents. With dozens of diagrams, the entire book is HAND-DRAWN for ease of understanding. And includes many life-saving insights anybody can share with their closest relations because the world is stupid enough without having some idiot crashing into you or those you love. You will notice right away that the author isn’t interested in academic discussion regarding how to drive better by following the normal imperatives. If everybody else followed the laws and made safety their priority, that’s one thing, but if they ain’t, then that’s a whole different animal. Admit it! Learn from it, avoid it. Frankenstein is on the loose, right now, and behind the wheel, coming to a neighborhood near you.

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