Death Of A Thug by Koffi Hallman

Death Of A Thug by Koffi Hallman


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2017 Walter Mosely Award African American Fiction Winner!

Where death waits, hope springs forth….

Fortune and fame awaits USC standout Koffi Majors. Courted by both the NBA and NFL, he’s destined to have it all, and then some, until a horrible accident destroys his dreams, taking it all away….with only his very life left intact.

Daunted by his terrible fate, Koffi leaves all he has behind, including a disapproving father who
held high hopes for him. Koffi then takes refuge with his aunt Gladys and her three children, who then show him the way to a new life-unfortunately, one that’s filled with blood, jealousy and revenge.

During his turn to the thug side, Koffi meets and falls for Angel, the girl of a killer drug dealer. The two then decide to risk their very lives, and their growing affair, by entering the game of Survival in these streets now more than ever, Koffi must save himself, and his loved ones, from the aftermath of the Death of a Thug, before it’s too late for everyone involved.

A gripping and action packed urban crime drama, Death of a Thug by Koffi Hallman leaves no room for mercy or second chances.

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