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Do you want to build a location based mobile application?
Do you read technical books and feel that they left some parts out?
Do you want to get into mobile programming with “real world” examples?

If you answered yes to one of these questions this book might be for you!

The goal of this book is to teach via familiarity. Since the Uber application is well designed and familiar we chose it as the target but the book isn’t meant as a “copy Uber” cookbook. Many applications are built around ideas similar to Uber and utilize designs inspired by Uber. It’s our assumption that you can learn a lot by understanding how to build something “like” Uber.

This book covers:

– iOS/Android development with Codename One
– Spring Boot server development on top of MySQL
– WebSockets, WebServices and push notification as the communication layer
– Creating a sublime UI to match professional designs
– Map based user interface
– User authorization via SMS/Social Networks
– Best practices, security and pitfalls of mobile development

The book requires basic knowledge of Java but doesn’t require prior knowledge of Codename One, Spring Boot or MySQL.

Notice that this book is “code heavy”, it contains many listings as it implements a full stack mobile app.
Uber (TM) is a trademark of Uber Technologies Inc.

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