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Author: Seth Seong

City, Ruby: A search for meaning and love behind the existential curtain of the future.

A city holds certain romance
but there is a deep and darkening feeling
I’m not sure where she could be,
but I can feel her red heart beating
I can feel this moment fleeting.

City, Ruby is a short poetry collection about the allures of the city; love, wealth, lust, power. It is also about the hidden side; poverty, corruption, lies and games. Many of the poems are short, some as short as six lines, but that is S. Seong’s aim; to write concisely, and to convey extreme emotion in a short time.

Some of the poems are written in Sijo, a Korean style that predates the Haiku. These poems are the most profound, recalling the ancient elegance of the Korean aristocracy, and considering the difficulties and lessons learned through hundreds of years of corruption, invasion, and struggle.

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