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Author: Omayra Vélez


Calixta is a gilded slave. However, she died, saving the lives of two innocent people. She was sent back to the land of the living, with some unique gifts. She has a task to do; mages had to be protected. Evil was after her; her options were limited. She must fight back. She has the power, but could she overcome her place in society?

The chase to destroy her was on; Evil wanted her dead once and for all.

Vanquisher Dreyden found Calixta in the worst of conditions. He helped her, but he was an arrogant fool. She almost roasted him alive.

Will Evil destroy what these two Vanquishers are trying to create? Mages the bringers of peace and order to chaos must be protected. However, Calixta and Dreyden are running for their lives, will they find all the members of their team?

Will the next time she dies be the last?

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Calixta by Author Omayra Velez


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