Bughouse by Joseph H Baskin

Bughouse by Joseph H Baskin

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The first day Jojo Black spends at the Wampanoag State Hospital for the criminally insane, he experiences the full gamut of inmate experiences, from those suffering crippling delusions to others who just want a vacation from supermax. It’s Jojo’s job to determine who needs treatment and who should be returned quickly to prison. It’s harder than it sounds, especially when Lester Manson, the frightening leader of the white supremacist gang White Dawn, sees Jojo as a potential escape route.From psychiatrist Joseph H Baskin comes a look at the world of suspenseful prison psychology. With plenty of action and lots of humor, we see the inside world of a criminal insane asylum through his naïve protagonist Jojo, who would rather be at a craps game than a prison hospital ward.Judge, Writer’s Digest 4th Annual Self Published e-Book Awards: I loved the cover from the first glance at it. I knew that I was going to be in for something special here. I wasn’t disappointed. The hand-illustrated cover sets the reader up for fun and a mis-adventure that will leave you wanting more. Well done. Now, as to the plot… We have prison psychology. It is as simple and as complex as that. Once upon a time, I thought I wanted to go into this field myself. So, I was really drawn to this plot. But, even a reader with little or no interest in this field will be grabbed by the coat tails and spun into JoJo’s world. I just really loved this plot. The characters were well drawn and realistic. The dialogue was realistic and the author just really captured the setting perfectly. Really impressed with the world building and author’s voice. Smart, darkly humorous, and somehow relatable (even if you’ve never sat face to face with a “bad guy” before). You had me hooked at the first line and I didn’t stop until I’d read the very last page. Nice job—cover to cover.

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