Book Press Release July 27, 2020

New Book Launch:

Building Communities of Hope: How People are Making Positive Change

Author: Rev. Dr. Anne Hays Egan

Available on Amazon from August 4th, 2020

Building Communities of Hope: How People are Making Positive Change

Author Rev. Dr. Anne Hays Egan


Placitas, NM, July 27, 2020: Written by the Rev. Dr. Anne Hays Egan, Building Communities of Hope captures stories of communities around the country that are making a positive difference. Many leaders have created positive, long-lasting community change. The book covers those who have advocated for justice, built healthcare systems, saved lives, mobilized others, rebuilt after hurricanes, and overcome significant personal challenges. They are our heroes - from everyday people to the well-known and celebrated.

In addition to stories which highlight community leaders who have made a real difference, the book includes a base of research. That work informs chapters about addressing inequities, dealing with despair, building from the ground up, mobilizing to transform economic stagnation and job loss, and leadership which incorporates community assets to inspire hope.

Building Communities of Hope helps readers to reframe the challenges they face, mobilize, and work with others to create positive change. From New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Puerto Rico to counties throughout New Mexico, and communities around the world, these stories give us power for the journey.

The book features stories about:
• Miracles in the Middle Rio Grande
• Packaging Hope in Purple Tennis Shoes
• Multiplying Wealth in its Many Forms
• Holding onto Hope When the Going Gets Rough
• A Model of Recovery on a Motorcycle
• Shaping the Energy that can Fuel Hope
• Living in the Slipstream

From legislators to a man who came home to die but ended up transforming his community, the book shows the power of transformational leadership. It encourages us to build communities of hope – with our eyes wide open.




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