Twits in Love: A Steampunk Distraction (The Twits Chronicles Book 1) Price: $1.00 (as of 06/06/2023 00:05 PST- Details)

Alcohol is like the cousin that owes you money. It promises everything and delivers nothing.

If you’re the sort who reads blurbs before reading the book, stop it. Stop it right now. Read TWITS IN LOVE and have a good time. These days we can all use a bit more of a good time.” – John Ostrander, American writer of comic books, including Suicide SquadGrimjack and Star Wars: Legacy.


Cyril Chippington-Smythe, the world’s richest man, awakens from a drunken stupor to find that he may have engaged himself to the horrifyingly toothy Alice Witherspoon. His mechanical manservant, Bentley, concocts a plot to free his master from any possible entanglements, but Alice has more than matrimony on her mind and may destroy civilization as we know it.

“The Twits Chronicles are hilarious, blessed with truly exceptional dialogue. Steampunk dystopia meets Oscar Wildean wit in these books and I found myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions– not something I often do while reading. The society that Tom Alan Robbins has created is something to behold: high-tech and low-tech collide, and society has split asunder between the have-nots and the have-everythings. The high society types are wonderfully clueless and carefree, but underneath the frivolity of their antics lies an emptiness. There are shades of P.G. Wodehouse in these books, and watching the lead “twit” of the series extricate himself from various situations–many of his own making– is immensely entertaining. Throw in a clockwork butler and a cast of over-the-top characters and you’ve got a series that brings some much-needed laughter in our own dystopian times.” – Nick Sullivan, author of The Deep Series and Zombie Bigfoot.

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