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The lips tremble and many hearts quake – the haunt is relentlessly on the rise. Sweeping terrors have been unleashed with painful aftermath. Yet, many groans, panic and howl in total disarray as their souls are hunted.
Things are gloomy, but the killer is unknown! While the mystery is unravelled, fear heightens every day.

Revenge like no other!

Angry souls had been invoked, Possessed! Evil on the land and hell is let loose.
The night comes not with its soothing silence but with an ambiance of terror. Another body is brutally dismembered for the dogs to find.
Everyone is practically enraged and annoyed. Who knows what the finders would discover? A demented psychopath revelling in a constant atrocity, or a regular human searching for peace of mind?

Unknown creature prowls at night, loathing the world of silence and serenity while innocent souls writhe in their blood. Who is next?

The hourglass has been turned; once it is empty, the dangerous prowler would be gone once again.
Order will be restored and peace, which has eluded everyone, would return.


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Crime Action Fiction





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March 17, 2020

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