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Are you ready to build habits, face your fears and change your life?
Because that’s the Power of Creativity.
This book is for new writers, musicians, filmmakers, artists and anyone who has ever asked questions like “How can I become more creative?” or, “How can I get more ideas?” or “How can I focus on my thoughts and just let them flow?”

If you’ve ever struggled with a problem or challenge in your personal or professional life and thought, “I can’t do this, I’m not creative enough”, this book will help you.


Are you ready to build habits, face your fears and change your life?

In this book, you will discover these strategies:

1. Prepare to be Inspired
Inspiration is nice, but that doesn’t mean you should sit around all day waiting for ideas to come to you. Instead, cultivate smart creative habits that help you find ideas faster.

2. Trace Your Creative Roots
To know what you’re going to create (and to overcome problems like procrastination, fear and self-doubt), you must understand what drives you. You must understand what you’re passionate about and for that, a personal mission statement is key.

3. Learn What Your Craft (And Your Audience) Demands
To master your craft, whether that by writing, painting, music, film or art, requires learning what both it and your audience expect from you.

4. Find a Creative Master to Mentor You
A mentor will help you face your fears, master the self and find better ideas faster. But, what if you can’t find one?

5. Strengthen Your Mind and Body
Creative masters understand the value of meditation, physical exercise and protecting their best self. They know becoming more creative isn’t just a mental practice.

6. Invest In Your Side-Projects
When you need when you need a break from your main gig, turn towards a side-project. That’s what smart creative people do, and they often find real success in this approach.

7. Go to War Against Your Fears
Your fear of failure, your fear of rejection, your fear of criticism, let’s change that.

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