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The Mind-Made Prison key themes: Freedom from negative thoughts and feelings, awareness and mindfulness, mental freedom and emotional freedom.



The Mind-Made Prison is a guide to becoming aware of your beliefs and becoming free from them. It is based on NLP, Cognitive Psychology and Mindfulness.

A book that will make you aware of how much power our beliefs exert over the quality of our lives, and how to use the power of our beliefs consciously. It is a great read for anyone getting into self-development, as well as anyone interested in deep exploration and changes in their mindset and life.

The benefits:

  • This book will help you become free from painful and limiting beliefs, in a step-by-step matter
  • Give you a deep understanding of how you can eliminate and change limiting beliefs to more empowered ones.
  • Free you to live a life full of happiness, ease and resources to reach your chosen goals.


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