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The Mackenzie Family

8 Book Boxset

  • Holly Kisses
  • Surprise Kisses
  • Candy Kisses
  • Sweet Treat
  • Sugar Pie
  • Forever Kisses
  • Claiming Ms. Off Limits
  • Roping Ms. Impossible

Read eight of the Mackenzie Family stories in order! These over-the-top quick read are just what you’re looking for if you like insta-love romance with a little bit of humor.


Read eight of the Mackenzie Family stories in order!
It starts with the Kanes’ Kisses Triplets and moves on to the Sweet Beginnings Series. You can get all the stories in one collection. This box set includes eight previously published stories by Loni Ree.

Holly Kisses
Although, the hunky attorney and his gorgeous neighbor meet in the most unconventional way, it’s love at first sight. Surprise Kisses With a little help from a matchmaking duo and a lovesick puppy, Jason plans to catch his little Christmas surprise and keep her, forever.

Candy Kisses
When this hot rockstar’s twin finds himself stuck in Naverton over a case of mistaken identity and a speeding ticket, he discovers that not everything in this small town is boring. After all, the gorgeous redhead he finds in his borrowed condo may just be the one he’s been looking for all his life.

Sweet Treat
Temptation has never been so sweet… Harden Mackenzie’s well ordered life was going just great until the redhead, free-spirited, ditzy, little spitfire bulldozed her way in and turned everything upside down. The town of Sweetbriar isn’t ready for Megan and she’s not going to make life easy for Harden but he’s made up his mind that no one else will get a taste of his Sweet Treat.

Sugar Pie
He’s dying for a taste… Devin Mackenzie gave up his day off to help out his brother, and you know what they say, No good deed goes unpunished. His punishment comes with pink hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes. Too bad she has also has a sassy mouth. Between stealing his car and offering him manpons, she’s upending his entire life but he still can’t help himself. He’s not going to let anyone else get a taste of his Sugar Pie.

Forever Kisses
When Harris Kane agrees to hire his nephew’s friend, he has no idea the sassy little miss will blast into his life and turn it upside down. While he craves quiet and order, she brings noise and disarray to his well-organized life. Harris soon finds he wouldn’t have it any other way. Convincing her to give him a shot might be difficult after their rocky start, but Harris refuses to give up. He’s determined to have her forever kisses.

Claiming Ms. Off Limits
New town, new life, new temptation… On my first day as principal at the local high school, everything becomes clear when I see her. Things are complicated. She works for me and she’s off limits. One look and I know she’s mine. I’m expected to follow the rules, but I refuse to fight my feelings for her. My goal is to turn her from Ms. Off Limits into Mrs. Mackenzie.

Roping Ms. Impossible
I’m the last unattached Mackenzie brother and not looking at changing my status anytime soon. I never expected to lose my heart to an impossible girl and her ugly dog, but that’s just what happens the first time I see Natalie. Natalie can’t cook and barely knows how to clean, but she’s perfect for me. She steals my heart, and I realize it’s time to rope Ms. Impossible to keep her for life.

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