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Amazon #1 Best-selling author and psychological expert Dr. Conor Hogan Ph.D. shares the science behind it all in a very practical manner along with strategies that he has used to help turn around the social lives of his hugely successful clients. With his help, you’ll have the trigger to get your social confidence back on track for greater success, networking bliss, and relationship building so that you lead others around in the best way possible.


Find Your Social Success with Only a Few Minutes Daily!

Changing your life in any way can be difficult but if you are unable to build rapport with people and maximize the power of relationships then you are in huge trouble. If you do not have the correct people around you or a struggling to lead others or network positively then you will stumble when it comes to improving, earning what you deserve, and in intimate relationships too. All of this leads to you facing limited outcomes and being around people who will not uplift you to where you want to go in life which creates stress, overwhelm, and unhappiness.

This book changes all of that quite easily.

By reading from this book you will soon adopt new behaviors that will elevate your social status to new heights and you will have more social standing and eventually, find that your networking and relationship-building possibilities are endless.

You’ll do this once you have this book read to the end as it will give you a series of successful strategies that will allow you to become a leading social light immediately after you use what you learn without wasting any more time. By coming to your self realizations and understanding how to change your social status in manageable steps you will succeed in ways that you previously thought were impossible and you will find confidence and charm in the social adventures ahead.

‘Social Flicker’ will help you:
• Allow people to become more attached to you quicker,
• Build your social standing without delay so that you feel you are more in control of who is in your life,
• Explore how you can lead better than you ever have before,
• Discover the common social limitations that many others face,
• Stop unwanted social setbacks on your journey to better relationships,
• Make you feel more confident than ever,
• Discover how listening can cement a solid and trustful relationship platform,
• De-stress, unwind and focus on the best people to spend the most time with to attain your long-term goals.

Chapter One, “How Society Affects Your Behavior,” will allow you to see how you have been limiting yourself socially and how others have been able to do the opposite and achieve a greater status.

Chapter Two, “Forrest Gump’s Life Lesson,” will highlight exactly how over overcome social anxieties.

Chapter Three, “How to Develop Your Social Abilities,” shows you how to become outstanding in social situations.

Chapter Four, “How Listening is an Unwritten Social Rule,” delves into how listening will make you achieve.

Chapter Five, “How Listening Will Make You a Social Butterfly,” emphasizes how you can supercharge your leadership.

Chapter Six, “How to Become Socially Confident,” establishes how you will be able to perform as one of the best social connectors around.

Chapter Seven, “How Social Media Affects Your Mental Health,” will allow you to avoid social stress.

Chapter Eight, “How Strangers Can Be Your Greatest Ally In Life,” will show you how you can talk to anyone at any time and build rapport.

Quit feeling socially unskilled. Strengthen your social rapport become the most skilled communicator and upskill your knowledge fast! Find yourself growth daily to get the relationships that you truly deserve in life. Scroll up and click “Buy Now” before regrets tell you the price of this book was a bargain and you then realize your social success is priceless.


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