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Dive into three fast paced black ops romantic thrillers where dangerous male and female operatives battle the world’s deadliest criminals to protect the innocent and those they love.

“…a no-holds-barred read. The action sizzles! At times the suspense will have you biting your nails, sitting on the edge of your seat, or holding your breath–until you turn the page.” – Goodreads


LAST CHANCE TO RUN – Bonus book which inspired the Slye Team Black Ops series
While escaping a powerful criminal posing as a highly respected businessman who has involved Angel unwittingly in major crime, she stows away on the charter plane of a DEA deep undercover operative. The last person she can trust is law enforcement, but the hardheaded pilot is now neck deep in trouble with her when the crime lord ups the stakes.

NOWHERE SAFE – Book 1 of the Slye Team Black Ops romantic thriller series
Trish’s brother, who flies secret missions for the DEA, will die if she makes a wrong move. The suspicious new FBI agent suddenly interested in her defines the word mistake. A fanatical killer sharpens the tension with an attack planned for Miami.

HONEYMOON TO DIE FOR – Book 1 of the Slye Team Black Ops romantic thriller series
Bianca enforces the law and her team put Ryder in prison for murder. She’s determined to put away a terrorist she’s believes Ryder can finger, but he accepts a deal to prove he’s been falsely accused even if it means being tied to Bianca. They face a bigger problem when a hitman with a vendetta is pointed at them when contracted by a powerful terrorist with world domination plans.

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