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Would You Kill to Keep a Secret?
Bob Anderson — local banker, city council member, and now murder victim — had the goods on a bunch of people in Plains City, Texas. Everybody wants those files; no one can find them.

First in a historical mystery series, A Newspaper in Texas, set in the 1980s.


Katy Williams was hired to make the Plains City Gazette into a modern newspaper. She’s got enough on her plate with the newspaper, a Texan boyfriend, and Texas in general. She’s understaffed, overworked and just grateful to get the newspaper out every day.

But someone wants Bob Anderson’s files bad enough to kill. He’s killed once, and he’s willing to do it again to keep his sins hidden. Unfortunately for Katy, half the town want those files, for all kinds of reasons. And they think she has them.

Katy can either find the files and publish, or she can end up as the next victim of a very determined murderer.

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