Raw Kingdom Series: Buried in the Dust


Khadir’s first overseas trip hasn’t gone to the best of starts. And if wasn’t for some quick thinking it surely would’ve been his last. Yet just when he thought he saw the worst of his home country, a dark fragment of its history makes a resurgence.



This series follows the adventures of Khadir Daher, an eighteen year old who has never stepped foot outside his country of birth. Craving for adventure outside his usual sightings of tall buildings and concrete floors, he plans to travel to the world’s most enticing tourists locations. But his father had other plans. He believed it to be the ideal opportunity for Khadir to discover his roots and end his embarrassment to the family. So he decides to send back to his home country.

Khadir is disappointed as he expect more from his first ever overseas trip than seeing some cool textiles and shepherds. But his undermining won’t serve him as he discovers the dark secrets of the seemingly barren land of Djadzele. This title is the prelude of a five-part series

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Genre Fiction





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Feb 8, 2020

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