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In Well-balanced And Charming Verses, Jesus And I Offer You A Tour. Enjoy It!

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I search through the depths of my knowledge the way to describe the unseen to offer my readers a perfect portrait of what is not really a dream. Jesus has given you better explanations.

I am just his follower and I wish to write what he helped me to understand. It is hard to believe in the unknown, just as it is to believe in God.

Why do birds and angels fly but not humans?

Where did Jesus go when he went up?

What is heaven or Eden?

Thousands are the questions that remain without answers. I am just a dreamer that wants to share his vision. Have you ever felt happiness? If yes, just think that the real feeling is a thousand times better. No pain, no suffering, no lack, no mourning, no distress, no stress, no envy, no hatred, no hurt, no crime—a place free of all bad, where everything is at hand, where you can touch the sky, walk on the sea, grab a star, or walk on it, etc. This is where the impossible is possible. Believe me! Eternity is lovable!


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