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If you’re looking for a heart-warming love story with a touch of chocolate, then Melt My Heart, Cowboy by USA Today Bestselling Author C.J. Carmichael is the book for you. Set in the charming town of Marietta, Montana, this book introduces us to Rosie Lyn, a movie scriptwriter and chocolate shop clerk who is planning to leave town, and Brant Wilmington, a hunky cowboy who takes care of his autistic sister. When Brant starts picking up chocolates from Sage’s Chocolate shop every Friday for his sister, he and Rosie Lyn get to talking and working together, and soon they find themselves falling for each other. But with family responsibilities and personal dreams at stake, can they make it work?

The characters in this book are well-developed, and their struggles and triumphs are relatable. The small-town setting is cozy and inviting, and the chocolate descriptions will make your mouth water. Overall, Melt My Heart, Cowboy is a delightful read that will leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling, and have you reaching for the next book in the series. So pick up a copy and immerse yourself in the sweet and romantic world of Marietta.


Who is the handsome cowboy who comes into small town Marietta’s chocolate shop every week to buy a box of chocolates? More importantly…who is he buying the chocolates for? These are the questions sales clerk Rosie Linn asks herself as she waits for her sadly neglected childhood home to sell so she can pursue an exciting new career in L.A.

Rosie finds out the answers the day rugged ranch hand Brant Willingham introduces himself and asks for her help in managing the care of his younger sister. Brant’s mother has recently died, leaving him the sole guardian of eighteen-year-old Sara Maria–who has been a puzzle to Brant ever since she began exhibiting signs of autism at age two. Rosie and Brant come up with a plan. She’ll help with his sister if he handles repairs and a new paint job for her old house. It seems the perfect solution, but a new dilemma is created when the couple start spending time together. Brant discovers he doesn’t want Rosie to sell and leave, and Rosie fears she will have to choose between love and her dreams.

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