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If you like rich settings and realistic characters: Long Time Walk on Water. This captivating multicultural historical novel with its splash of something quite unique, its touch of romance, reggae style, will win your heart forever. Told with pride, poise, humour and grace, this modern classic by Joan Barbara Simon, literary terrorist, will have you shouting about if from the rooftops!

Rich, complex and beautifully written. It is something unlike anything I’ve read before and yet it’s recognisable and resonant because all of life is in it. An absorbing and affecting read.’ (online reviewer)

Beautifully crafted (…) will leave the reader as changed as Simon’s characters. Highly, highly recommended.’ – Dan Holloway


A black woman and single mum, starting over. A white man who wants something more. Will they take a chance on each other? Everyting gonna be alright?

London, 1960. Rose is looking for a new start. Thousands of miles away from her Caribbean home, she scrapes together money to send for her children while adjusting to a strange, new world: England.

Jack’s working-class London life is full of disillusionment. He cares little for his council flat, his town, or even his wife. The only thing that gives his life sparkle? His Jamaican friends down at the docks.

When Jack meets Rose at a bus stop, a new and unexpected future unfolds…

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