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Ellen Thomas is trying to stay under the radar of a London gangster for the past 3 years, after a man died protecting her and her father. She meet at work one night Luke Robert, former military who now works with is fellow teammates at Alpha Company Security. Who’s trying to clear the name of is twin brother who died 3 years ago. The duo will find more that they bargain for.


A full length military romance novel by Bestselling Author Beth Abbott

Ellen Thomas knows that if she’s to have a hope of staying alive she has to remain Invisible, even if it means she spends most of her time lonely and isolated.

For almost three and a half years, Ellen’s been living a lie, changing her appearance and moving across the country, trying to stay safely hidden from the London gangster who’s put a hit out on her father, and a target on her back.

She’s left everything and everyone she ever loved behind, and even the few new friends she’s made have no idea who she is or what she’s hiding from.

They don’t even know her real name.

Luke Roberts has finally left a distinguished career in the British army behind him and joined with his former team-mates to start Alpha Company Security, fulfilling the dream the four men have shared for years. But he won’t be able to rest until he finds out who murdered his twin brother and why.

The police claim Casey was part of a notorious London gang, but Luke is convinced that his brother would never have worked for criminals. He suspects that Casey was working undercover, but can’t get anybody to confirm it, at least not whilst it could harm an ongoing operation.

He’s spent more than three years trying to track down the one person who might be able to tell him what happened to his brother that night, but she may as well be a ghost.

And if he finds her, will he discover the truth? Or will he get a lot more than he bargained for?

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