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Girl Fights Back quickly captured my attention. The plot is fast paced and full of adventure. You don’t have to be into karate or martial artsto enjoy the book. It is a light read intended for young adults. It is never predictable. The author obviously did research on elements of Japanese culture and locations in his story. A well written story that keeps your attention. The main character is very likeable and the author keeps you rooting for her to the end.” -BookStackReviews


Emily Kane has gone missing…

…and the world’s spy agencies are determined to find her.

They think she’s been genetically modified as a human weapon. Now, she’ll need all her skills to make it to tomorrow.

Her father taught her everything he knew, how to hide, how to live off the land… and how to fight like a demon, without mercy or remorse.

When the mercenaries came, her family fled. But Emily Kane has had enough of running. Can she take the fight to her enemies and survive… and if she can, will she still be human?

If you love Russell Blake’s Jet, and Fatal Exchange, you’ll love Emily Kane in Girl Fights Back.

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