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They say Katherine Winterborne is dead. But an immortal never really dies—an immortal transitions.


When Morgan is named head of her immortal clan after her mother’s mysterious death, she hardly expects to be thrown into a power struggle with her uncle and then accused of an unimaginable crime. She also never thought she’d become the target of a dangerous stalker—a man who holds her fate in his hands.

Respected entrepreneurs by day, the Winterbornes’ real job is to keep the Night Walkers in check—vampires who terrorize New York City. But when an ancient box arrives at the auction house they own, its contents will send Morgan on a journey to uncover her mother’s past. Details that could mean a death sentence for Morgan if Katherine’s secrets are ever revealed to the clan.

With the help of an immortal crow and a charismatic hawk shifter, she’ll unravel the true legacy of the Winterborne women and fight to take back her power.

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