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A gripping novel about a former top prosecutor turned esteemed law professor who take on a case to challenge the death sentence for a vicious, confessed, and convicted murderer.The trial details are accurate and dramatic, reflecting the author’s real-life experience as a prosecutor who now teaches law.

Law professor Caldwell knows where of he writes and it blazes through every page. He does so in this novel with pinpoint legal prose, a razor-sharp wit, and perceptive asides that turn humdrum courtroom battles into edge of the seat drama.” —Ivor Davis,Author of Manson Exposed: A Reporter’s 50- Year Journey into Madness and Murder

Caldwell’s work shines in his ability to make the intricacies of the law accessible to laypeople while still satisfying those with legal experience.” — Kirkus Reviews


This book is a must-read for any fan of courtroom thrillers. There is no stone left unturned when Jake Clearwater takes on a case.” — San Francisco Book Review

Jake Clearwater is a law professor and a former prosecutor who is urged by the Death Penalty Project to help stem the tide of wrongful death convictions in California. Clearwater agrees to represent Duane Durgeon, who had been convicted of a double murder. He is a huge, hulking, hard-boiled bad-ass, who, against the advice of his counsel demanded to address the jury during the sentencing phase of his trial. Getting his wish, he insults the judge, his lawyers, the prosecutors, and the jury in a profanity-laced rant that ends with him asking for the death penalty.

Despite Durgeon’s despicable persona and indifference to his fate, Clearwater convinces the reluctant man to appeal and wins a retrial where Clearwater is pitted against his former boss and bitter foe, prosecutor John Tice. What follows is a riveting tale of courtroom drama, suspense, and the exquisite workings of law and ultimately, justice.


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