Christmas Trees and Mistletoe : A Later-in-Life Second Chance Romance Price: $3.99 (as of 09/13/2022 13:18 PST- Details)

A wonderful, heartwarming love story of a second chance romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Jeanine Lauren. 

When long-buried betrayal is uncovered, can the magic of the season heal old wounds?
A story of friendship, love, and second chances in the second half of life

If you like a story of Friendship, Love, and Second Chances in the Second Half of Life, this one may be for you…

The story line is realistic and entertaining. The book is well-written and I enjoyed the mature age characters.” – Jacqueline C.

Love sweet, clean, Christmas stories? Then you will enjoy this!” – Ann M. Diener


After her divorce, Kathleen moved closer to her daughter and grandchildren, hoping to get to know them better and find a new place to belong.

Not ready to retire, Kathleen bought the local toy store only to find that, after sinking a large amount of her savings into it, the business was losing money. She must turn a profit by year’s end, and she can if she has a good holiday sales season. If not, well…it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Just as the season begins, Kathleen’s daughter and son-in-law are called away on an emergency and ask Kathleen to mind the children for a few weeks. Kathleen jumps at the chance to spend quality time with the girls and though it will take some juggling to care for both the children and the store, she’ll handle it.

What she can’t handle is Roy, the twin’s paternal grandfather. The conniving schemer is trying to steal their granddaughters’ love and leave her out in the cold.


Roy, a widow of two years, has agreed to care for his granddaughters while his son and daughter-in-law are away. What he finds disagreeable taking Kathleen’s help. The woman is meddlesome, managing, competitive, and a general pain.

But he promised his son, and he always keeps his promises.

Can the magic of the season heal the strife between this pair and help them find peace, forgiveness, and maybe even love?

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